Lauren fills a void you never knew you had. She arrived in my life shortly after the birth of my son, and helped me to work through some breastfeeding difficulties, catching a threatening decline in milk supply early and helping me to rebuild it to the point where I was able to breastfeed exclusively again. She was that perfect combination of firm guidance based on current knowledge and gentle support through her warm and caring nature. Without immediate family support or fellow mum friends in Australia, and becoming a new parent during a global pandemic, Lauren’s presence made the world of difference. Our consults have evolved since the breastfeeding issues to encompass sleep, settling, teething, my own wellbeing… you name it! I would recommend Lauren to every new mum and will have her number on speed dial if we are so fortunate as to have a baby no2.

I owe my sanity to Lauren during the extraordinary experience of becoming a mother! Her assistance was invaluable in caring for my newborn son. Not only were her overnight stays extremely helpful in gaining a few extra hours sleep but her knowledge , information and assistance she provided from breastfeeding techniques , sleep and settling techniques were extremely helpful and irreplaceable. Lauren continued to help me with sleep training , bottle feeding and daily routines which have now developed into a fantastic structure for our family.

Lauren changed our lives in a way we could not thank her enough for.

Max was born via an emergency caesarean following a prolonged labour. He suffered from severe reflux oesophagitis and cow’s milk protein enteropathy and was a particularly unsettled baby. To compound these difficulties I suffered from post-partum pre-eclampsia with acute renal failure and end stage liver failure, which limited my physical ability to care for Max early in his life.

As new parents, we were completely blindsided. From the first moment Lauren walked in the door with her calm, assured and skilled approach to helping both Max and I she provided us with the relief, guidance and support we needed to get back on our feet. To us, she was an angel.

Lauren nursed Max over extended periods during the day and night for many months and also provided considered care to me as a new, first-time Mum recovering from serious medical issues. Lauren also travelled with us all for a number of weeks while caring for Max. She was always a pleasure to be around whether at home or on holidays. Lauren was highly organised and very considerate and aware of our needs. She was always one step ahead of Max and we found that so very helpful.
In addition to this, the time Lauren took to explain and teach us how to best care for our son was invaluable. We were overwhelmed with the bombardment of newborn advice, which was often conflicting and confusing. Lauren offered us the clarity we needed to be able to learn to parent with confidence.

Max is now a robust 15 month old boy and there is no doubt in our minds that he (and we) would not be where we are today without her incredible involvement in our lives. We feel blessed to have met Lauren and can say, hand on heart, anyone who welcomes her into their home upon the arrival of a new baby can count themselves as truly lucky.

While expecting my first child I came into contact with Lauren, I was living in London and her Sydney – we were planning a family trip to Sydney with our newborn who would be 5 weeks at the time of travel. We had a skype call and I found Lauren to be incredibly professional, warm and knowledgeable.

After a 24 hour flight Lauren met us at our accommodation, she was an incredible respite to us. She set up our sons nursery, organised his clothes, sterilised and prepped all bottles and breast feeding equipment. Very quickly after arriving Lauren had him in a routine after the flight. She was on hand 24/7 to offer help and advice – it made our flight to Australia and holiday incredibly stress free.

We couldn’t recommend Lauren more highly and wish she lived in London!